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Deck Builder Saint Louis Eagle Contracting LLC has the experience in Wildwood designing and Constructing Deck and Patios

Saint Louis Eagle Contracting LLC deck builder was established in 1990 with the focus on meeting customers face to face, providing affordable solutions, and building the best quality decks, sunrooms, and pergolas in St. Louis and St. Charles County. Stl Eagle appreciates its customers in Wildwood, Mo and the support of the community in providing us with business in their local neighborhoods. Wildwood has some of the greatest homes and backyards in the St. Louis County that have been perfect for us to build great decks to show off the landscape of Wildwood.

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A Wildwood patio isn’t just an extension of the home, but a gathering place for the family. Saint Louis Eagle wants to understand whether your deck or sunroom is for barbecues with the family, parties with the neighbors, or a place for quiet time at the end of the day or on the weekend. This gives us the understanding of what our clients are looking for so we can design the wooden deck, patio, or sunroom that meets their desires and dreams. Focused customer service from our owners has been our greatest asset to creating and keeping customers in Wildwood and we look forward to continuing that tradition.

Our deck contracting company servicing Wildwood only works with quality materials that provide us with the right colors, textures, wood decking, or composite decking supplies that meet the demands of our owners but also the home owners. After all, we aren’t just building a sunroom or patio but a place where family memories are created.


Outdoor Decking designs to match your Wildwood home including Wooden Patio and Decks, Pergolas, and Sun Rooms.

Saint Louis Eagle Deck and Patio contractors don’t view a deck as some wooden porch added to the outside of a home. We view our deck and patio projects as a piece of craftsmanship that needs to blend in with existing home aesthetics while being strong in support.

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Stl Eagle Deck Contractor understands Wildwood community by-laws for Pergola Decks, Patios, Wooden Decks, and Sunrooms

In almost three decades as deck builders providing Wildwood homes with Decks, Patios and Sunrooms of their dreams we have encountered almost every by-law imaginable in Wildwood and St Louis county communities. Outdoor decking encounters a lot restrictions in older and newer communities in Wildwood. Our owners will work directly with your by-laws when it comes to the blueprints for your patio, sunroom, or Pergola. We understand the complexities of these laws and how they affect your composite or wooden deck construction plans.

Your in good hands at Saint Louis Eagle Contractor of Deck and Patios. Our experience and customer service will take care of the complexities so you can relax and soon enjoy the Deck of your dreams on your Wildwood home. So don’t hesitate, fill in the contact form on this page and let us help you fulfill your backyard dreams with the deck your family deserves.

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