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Oakville Roofs that have been serviced by Eagle Contractor LLC a Roofing Company in St. Louis servicing the local community

Over the last 26 years our roofer team has worked hard to service our Oakville customers. Every new roof that we install on Oakville homes has been installed with great commitment, awareness, and knowledge. This has what has kept Stl Eagle growing in the home roofing business in the Oakville area. Our roofs are installed properly giving Oakville residents the proper warranty that comes on their Home Roofing System.

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Last minute local “roofing” contractors seek to install new roofs and offer roofing repairs after storms in Oakville

Saint Louis Eagle Roofing Contractor appreciates all of the business it has received in Oakville for three decades. We want to provide a warning and knowledge to possible home roofing customers who are approached by last minute contractors. These roofing contractors who don’t actually belong to registered roofing company st. Louis take advantage of homeowners in Oakville who need roofing repairs quickly. This can cost a home owners a lot more money down the line if their new home roof system falls apart or doesn’t work after a couple of years. There is also no way to hold these last minute contractors responsible to pay for the repairs themselves. Always choose a Roofing company in St. Louis that has experience like Saint Louis Eagle Contractor LLC.

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We need repairs to our Oakville roof after a recent storm, will Stl. Eagle replace our whole roof or just the part that has been damaged?

With all of our home roofing customers, our owner will meet our customer to assess the damage. During this initial assessment phase of the home roof, we will be able to inform our customer on the roofing repair or all new roof installation that will need to occur. If an Oakville home is only in need of repair, we will be able to locate the roofing manufacturer the roofing shingles and roofing system that was used in order to replace the exact type of roof to the home.