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St. Louis, Missouri is a great place to own a home in the Midwest. The prices for a Saint Louis Home are reasonably priced compared to square footage costs in other places in the United States. A great aspect to owning your own home is the ability to provide repairs to your home to improve it over time or give a fresh new look. One of the easiest ways to give your home in St. Louis a new look is with brand new exterior house siding installation from Saint Louis Eagle Siding Contractor LLC. We work to bring siding for house to our customers from some of the best suppliers in the St. Louis area at the best costs. Our siding options from house siding suppliers include Traditional House Siding, Insulated Home Siding, and Shake & Shingle Siding. We can provide a home with a range of siding textures and colors to fit every customers preferred style and cost concerns. Siding replacement for your exterior house siding is a great investment with the improvements to siding manufacturing over the last few years. Moisture and Rot resistance for exterior siding is a huge siding manufacturing improvement that will save customers money down the road. Older siding options on St. Louis homes could possibly have color separation, swelling, mold, and cracking without moisture resistance. Fire Protection is a huge benefit for St. Louis home owners, providing their family with another layer of safety in case the worst happens. Home siding installation today can provide more protection to your home from weather and humidity than in years past. Eagle Siding Contractor LLC has been helping homeowners upgrade their homes with a brand new look for the last three decades. We know what is best for homeowners like yourself when it comes to the siding options on the market for a price you can afford. Don't hesitate to contact the best siding contractor in St. Louis for your siding replacement and siding installation.

Siding Installation

A New Look For Your Beautiful Home

Home Siding Installation is an important part of home improvement that helps to keep your home looking beautiful and protected from the elements. Over the last three decades, we have helped the St. Louis community with all of their siding replacement needs. Our ownership helps bring the best prices and siding options right to your door to help you make the best decision for your home and finances.

Siding Consultation

Saint Louis Eagle Contracting LLC believes in providing the best customer service in house siding installation. Our ownership team meets with every client who reaches out to Eagle Contracting so we can understand perfectly what their exterior home siding needs and desires are. Through our excellent source of siding options we are sure to help our customers take the time to find what exterior house siding options fit best on our customers home while providing quality siding for the best prices in St. Louis.


Benefits of New Siding

The most obvious reason for updating your home siding with new siding installation from Eagle Contracting is the curb appeal on your home. Many home owners want to be that house on the block that people slow down to look at as they drive past. Our siding suppliers keep us in stock with the best siding on the market to make the neighbors jealous.

Low maintenance with lowered energy costs are some of the best benefits that come with new siding installation. Exterior siding today come with more resistance to mold, insects, and UV Rays which keep your home beautiful longer costing you almost zero effort in maintenance. Saving you money, one of the most important aspects a home owner considers when improving their home. Today’s siding will keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Don’t hesitate to contact Eagle Contractor right now to talk about your exterior house siding options.

Siding Installation Materials

Our excellent suppliers keep Eagle Contracting at the top of the siding installation food chain with the best designs, protection, and energy efficiency available in the siding replacement business.

Traditional Siding

When it comes to siding options there is nothing wrong with the look of superior traditional siding on a home. Whether your concern is quality, or the color, or even budget, our siding suppliers have numerous options for all the above.

Don’t hesitate to contact Eagle Contracting LLC to schedule a meeting with our owners to talk about updating your home with traditional siding that offers better color protection, low maintenance, and a clean finish with strength superior to your current exterior siding.

Insulated Siding

The world has an eye for energy efficiency that saves home owners hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs. There is no reason why the siding on your home shouldn’t be saving you money as well. Advances in technology have helped to create Insulated siding that removes the “thermal bridge” process of allowing the temperature of your home to escape.

The options for insulated siding are as abundant as any other type of siding. Let out our ownership team walk you through the different options of style, texture, and color for the installation of your brand new insulated siding on your home today.

Shake Shingles

The beauty of your home on the outside is extremely important to many home owners in St. Louis. Every home has its own feel to it based on the shape, surrounding landscape, and location. Shake siding and shingled siding provide a home with that rustic charm that can’t be achieved with any other siding option. This isn’t suitable for some homes but it is the perfect match for others.

Eagle Contracting LLC has the option for all of the texture and color that any home owner could want for their Shake and Shingle siding installation. Let us walk you through the protection these superior quality shake and shingle siding options provides a home owner in terms or quality, longevity, and home protection. Contact us now to set up an appointment to meet with our ownership about your new siding installation to make your home look great again.

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